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Disruptions, Trends & Challenges

Whether a global giant or a disruptive start-up, there are certain challenges that are felt throughout the automotive industry. It's how you overcome these challenges and prepare for the change that sets you apart and gets you ahead. And for over 14 years, we've been helping automotive companies do just that.

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Complexity of Data

The automotive industry has experienced a huge increase in the complexity of data with more variants, more markets, more plants and more customer options. Now, high-quality data is not optional, it’s a business necessity.

Decreasing Time to Engineer

Product data has traditionally been on the shoulders of engineers with some administrative support. But as complexity has increased, the demands on engineers to update and manage vast amounts of data and oversee change has meant in many automotive businesses, just 25% of an engineer’s valuable time is spent actually engineering.

Disruptive Change in the Industry

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, with digitisation, connectivity, mobility and autonomous cars disrupting the market globally. Future success for automotive companies depends on continuously anticipating market trends, and deciding how to strategically respond, aligning skills and processes to changes.

Getting to Market Faster

The demands of the world aren't just changing, they are growing too. To be profitable and competitive, automotive companies need to get products to market faster and more efficiently. Pressure to deliver is high, but without anyone to focus on handling complex product data and optimising inefficiencies, progress is slow.

Systems are not the Whole Answer

We see millions spent on shiny new systems in an effort to cope with increasingly complex product data and yet very little on actually making the systems work for the users. New clever systems do have greater functionality, but reduced flexibility, so the day-to-day reality is manual and difficult.