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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

It is well known that organisations that invest in diversity report seeing a number of advantages, such as an increased ability to attract talent, an influx of different perspectives, greater innovation, and improved financial performance.

But why is Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) important to us at Quick Release?

At QR, we are devoted to ensuring that for every QRian, there is a sense of belonging and importance at work – empowering us to thrive with a motivated and inspired team. Believing that every voice is heard and every idea is valued is core to who we are at QR. We strive to continue to review and regenerate our processes to ensure we provide equal opportunities for all, have a broad level of representation, and have an solidify ourselves as an inclusive company.

inQREDIble has been set up to monitor our performance, implement strategy, and to drive activity that actively sets us out a company that prioritises EDI.

A message from our founder

As business leaders it is our duty to champion diversity, bringing people closer together. It doesn't just benefit society, it is a strategic advantage; the more diverse the perspectives, values, talents, discussions and thinking the more creative and adaptable we are, which enables us to meet our customer's needs more holistically. One of QR's four core culture values is QRiosity; there is so much to learn from each other. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, working hard to make everyone feel cherished and supported, enabling them to create value by freely expressing the very best of their unique selves. It is through initiatives like these that we show Quick Release's full embracement of ED&I and our commitment to fold it into the fabric of our company.​

Rob Ferrone
Rob Ferrone

Meet the Team

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Paul Crabtree Robert Amissah Devmei Senarath Helen Watson Taiwo Adeniyi Katy Macken Megan Holmes Claire Gibson Rajen Vishram
Paul Crabtree
Associate Director, Essex UK

I am extremely proud to be the board member championing the D&I activity within QR. I have seen, first hand, the growth and development of the company from a small entity of analysts through to the size we are today. One of the things that really strikes me is the opportunity I have had to meet and work with some incredible people of different cultural backgrounds, religions, beliefs and experiences, all who have come together to make QR who and what it is today.
I believe strongly that culturally we are a naturally accepting and inclusive company but that is not enough on its own to keep improving as an organisation. The work that the team are doing will not only help us to understand where we are strong and areas for improvement but also to continue to foster the safe environment we have today for everyone to be themselves without fear of judgement or bias from their colleagues.
We are now truly global, operating in multiple cultures; by ensuring our organisation is equally as diverse and inclusive, if not ahead of the industry standards, will only increase our chance of success.

Robert Amissah
Consultant, Essex UK

I believe that Diversity & Inclusion needs to be transformed from being a buzz term or an area that sparks controversy into a concept that is inherently appreciated by all. Making a difference here in QR can have a powerful impact on all of my colleagues, allowing for the evolution of an environment that is embracing of everyone with the exception of none.

Devmei Senarath
Project Analyst, Melbourne Australia

As a woman of colour, working in a male dominated field, I have personally experienced and witnessed instances where diversity and inclusion were not respected in the workplace. As a result, it is important for me to work for a company where D&I is at the forefront of its mind, like QR, and be part of the driving force to foster D&I.

Helen Watson
Business Manager, Essex UK

Having joined QR when there were less than 40 employees, I have watched the company grow not only in terms of numbers, but in terms of diversity. I am excited to support this growth and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to this exciting and dynamic company.

Taiwo Adeniyi
Senior Project Analyst, Detroit USA

Believing that embracing diversity and inclusion in workplaces make for a more innovative and productive talent pool, I joined the inQRedible team to help foster an enriching work environment where everyone is encouraged to be their true self.

Katy Macken
Senior Project Analyst, Essex UK

I wanted to get involved with D&I in this business as I truly believe that a businesses diversity directly correlates with their success. I think that when you have representation from everyone at all levels of the business, this promotes innovation and moves the business into areas which you wouldn't have thought possible previously. I think that we are in a great position, as a company to really lead the charge in this area and champion diversity within an industry that is typically not that diverse.

Megan Holmes
Project Analyst, Detroit USA

As a woman working in a male dominated industry, and a mother to a young daughter of color, it is important to me to work with a company that continues to provide equal opportunities and a comfortable and inclusive environment like QR. Helping to find new opportunities to pave the way is why I joined the inQRedible team.

Claire Gibson
Business Manager, Woking UK

As a Business Manager, and generally being part of QR, I’m invested in supporting and driving our culture. EDI is so important in embedding the sense of belonging, celebrating our differences and the open nature we want to continue working in. This initiative also supports to empower our colleagues in making a difference themselves and affect company wide change.

Rajen Vishram
Senior Project Analyst, Essex UK

I've grown up in one of the most Diverse cities on the planet, and I've witnessed the benefits that embracing Diversity & Inclusion has brought to myself and those around me. I'm excited to capture the essence of this and bring it to the inQRedible team for QR!


QREW - QR Empowered Women​

QREW’s vision is to provide an inclusive space for all those who identify as women at Quick Release. With the aim of inspiring more people who identify as women to establish and grow a career in the STEM field.​​

QR_EM - QR Ethnic Minorities Network​​

The QR_EM network serves to foster a sense of community amongst people who identify as ethnic minorities within the company. We also aim to promote cultural awareness within QR and provide opportunities that support the development and engagement of ethnic minorities through a suite of mentoring activities, knowledge share and networking events.​​​

QR Pride​​

This network aims to provide a safe space within QR_ for discussion, support and celebration relating to all things LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning). We hope to create an active community of QRians (who either identify as LGBTQ+ or a straight ally) to share our experiences, professionally & personally, and support each other, to make sure everyone in the company can truly be themselves.​​​

QR EDI statistics 2020

We are continuously working hard to get a good understanding of where we are as a diverse & inclusive company. We are also looking at many ways to both increase our representation and to mould our culture around our differences, ensuring inclusion is prioritised. We encourage open channels of communication and transparency, so we are happy to share some of our current statistics with you.

Sexual Orientation