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A word on Coronavirus...

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A word on Coronavirus…

QR_ has been working alongside some of the biggest, most innovative and exciting names in automotive and aerospace for nearly 20 years. We have been there in good times, and been there in bad times. But at no point did our partners stand still, and neither did we. Together, we evolved to overcome challenges, changes and pivots, be that in manufacturing, logistics or working practices.

Accordingly, in the face of the disruption and uncertainly caused by Coronavirus, QR_ stands ready to help existing partners and new adapt to the needs of today, and do it now. We’ve proven models for remote releasing, collaborative working through digital channels and the impactful sharing of information to inform continued decision making.

If your programme has lost ground in recent weeks, we can help claw back time. If your engineering teams are struggling with productivity when remote, or your planning teams are grappling with production pivots or ramping, QR_ can unobtrusively support to get the job done. Not merely with ideas, but proven, implementable actions that deliver results for your business and our society.

Drop us a line, talk through your challenge, and see how we can make the change happen.