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BNB Transatlantic Business Growth

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In 2017 QR_ turned global, with expansions into the US and Asia Pacific. The business grew rapidly, culminating in a nomination, and subsequent shortlisting for a British American Business (BAB) Transatlantic Growth award. As part of the application process we were asked to provide a short video about us and what we do. In the absence of anything suitable off-the-shelf, the whole QR_ team contributed to making the following video – achieved from start to finish in only 3 days (and nights…).

Unfortunately we didn’t win (pretty sure it was rigged), but it gave us a great excuse for a huge team effort to demonstrate what we are capable of, even though we are split all over the world. Our diversity is not something that we actively work at or think about day to day – it's amazing to see how many different nationalities we have as a company, all fusing together to create a PDM profession.