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Company Car Scheme...Revisited

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It couldn’t last forever and with every car scheme comes a change of car and when Rob needed to get round bigger distances with a family, it was time for the C303 to go.

But, all is not lost. The new owner, Thomas, has taken excellent care of the car and – as he proves with this picture – has kept the QR_ logo proudly on the side. He doesn’t promise to keep it that way but maybe we could persuade him to follow our rebrand?

Thomas kept the QR_ logo in prode of place on the side…ready for QR_3.0 Thomas?!

Thomas, an Engineer who is more than capable of working on the car mechanically, says,

"It has been a restoration on wheels over a period of four years – technically now it is fully ready for daily usage, but I kept the odd looking Paint! I had a handshake to almost every single screw. Now the car is a camping mobile – but no structural changes have been made so that it can be built back into its original 1975 condition. The QR-Logo stays on the car – but this is not a promise!"

The longest distance trip he has done was going to Wetzlar for a family meeting, Mosel, Rüdesheim and Eupen in Belgium, however approx. 2000 km per year is the average.

"For the next year I am planning a 3 weeks road trip through France together with my wife, the maximum daily driving distance is planned for 150 km. It’s soooo loud inside!!"

For anyone interested, the central meeting point of the C30x community is here at www.c303.de, available in English and German!