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Laying Down Roots in the Midlands

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QR_ have been working with many of our clients in the Midlands for several years now and we're proud to now announce the opening of our new office in Warwick Technology Park. Close to hand and with secure connections to key client systems, the location also makes it easy for visitors by car or train, sitting well within the automotive hotspot surrounding the Coventry area.

Aimed at serving clients remotely where on site space is at a premium and providing our own home in the Midlands, we expect activity to grow significantly over the next few years.

"I'm excited to have our own space from which we can develop a strong business in probably the most exciting automotive area in the country." says Jamie Alexander, head of the Midlands office, "There is such a history of vehicle design in this area and its no less true today than in the heyday of British Leyland. I’m proud we're now a small part of it."