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Podcast: Humanising PLM and QR_'s internal training


QR_ founding director Rob Ferrone joins Myriam Jenni for Share PLM's latest podcast. Discussion focusses on the core QR_ philosophy of systems not being the whole answer, with human factors such as processes, buy-in and understanding being key influencers of success. QR_'s internal training methods and efforts to build a PDM profession are also covered. 



Key takaways on PLM integrations include:

  • Change management is neglected in many PLM implementation projects, often relegated to an afterthought.
  • The biggest shortcoming in most PLM integrations is the pre-deployment work to analyse processes and identify what the real blockers and needs are. Putting a new tool in a broken process will not fix anything.
  • People delivering successful technology implementations are those who understand the emotional brain is bigger than the logical one.


And on QR_'s approach to training:

  • QR_ hires from a variety of backgrounds, forging a unique breed of professional combining strong data skills with the ability to influence. As most won’t have a PLM/PDM background, the challenge is to see how to quickly and efficiently train new recruits on systems and complex development processes (e.g. how cars, ships, and planes are engineered and manufactured).
  • The initial answer is a four week residential ‘boot camp’ covering data management and analysis, plus a range of common industry systems, the basics of project management and the softer skills that are key to QR_’s approach. They are then ready to be placed on project with clients, with the ‘PDM professional framework’ of blended learning informing their ongoing development.