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QR_ and Black Lives Matter

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There are a lot of words out there at the moment. At QR_ we prefer actions, but felt compelled to add our voice now: QR_ are unequivocally on the side of our black colleagues, clients and partners. We see, hear, and stand by you.


The appalling George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Christian Cooper incidents have focused minds on the many more that go without publicity, the work still to be done on a societal, corporate and individual level, and how we can each play our part.


QR_ condemns racism in all its forms, but recognise that is not enough and we should be doing more. We are in active listening and learning mode. We are ready for candid conversations about expanding our own efforts. We are working with our Diversity & Inclusion team to improve the impact and longevity of existing initiatives and launching new ones where appropriate to have meaningful, immediate impact. We will hold ourselves to account on the dedicated page of our website. Our black colleagues, clients and partners can be the judge of the results.