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QR_ and Stigma Statistics

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QR_ and Stigma Statistics have been working together and produced this infographic with the help of Shout Crisis Text Line to highlight the impact of suicide and the importance of talking about it.

Stigma Statistics is a social venture working to map suicide data in real time to enable better support for the bereaved and more timely prevention/intervention. Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Stigma Statistics to develop their real time suicide data platform - this is to reduce the double handling of data and hopefully make the suicide surveillance process more efficient. This is step one in a development plan to integrate with coroner systems so that information flows efficiently and in turn, results in a reduction in suicides.

During our Hackathon in March, 11 volunteers from QR gave up their Saturday to help build the product, focusing on the set up of the database and front end input. The day was a huge success & it is amazing to see what a talented team can achieve in 16 hours.