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Special edition newsletter: Women's History Month

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What started out as a small internal newsletter to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month has turned into something rather impressive, but we shouldn't be surprised with some of QR_'s leading ladies at the helm!

Download, kick back and have a read through the mix of reflection, history and personal experiences ranging from the mildly amusing to the quite worrying.

The work of QREW - QR_ Empowered Women's network - it is one of the ways we are trying to push the envelope for women in engineering, both internally and in partnership with our clients. We see this as the right thing to do, but also good business in line with QRiosity, one of our four core values. There is so much to learn from each other, and to maximise this we try to make everyone feel cherished and supported, enabling them to create value by freely expressing the very best of their unique selves.

Proud of our people, we wanted to share their work with the wider world, and invite other businesses to reflect and join the conversation on pushing for equality in workplaces, regardless of sector or industry:


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