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Meet the Board

Photo of Adam Blomerley

Adam Blomerley

I like to see QR_ grow and add real world value to our clients. Since joining the company, I have helped transform it from a provider of quality automotive BoM & Engineering Change Management resource into a fully-fledged Product Data Management (PDM) consultancy.

Photo of Adam Grant

Adam Grant

I left my band at the brink of fame and chose instead to devote my life to all things data. I love the details and enjoy getting the job done quickly and thoroughly. On the rare occasions that there is any time left I go running, play the guitar (only seriously) and stay awake through the night to feed my daughter, Lola.

Photo of Rob Ferrone

Rob Ferrone

As the automotive industry moved towards global products and shared content, I saw that Engineers were becoming overwhelmed with trying to manage increased complexity whilst being constrained by systems and processes designed for a simpler world. I am passionate about the quality of interaction between people, and freeing engineers and organisations from the things that weigh them down.

Photo of Ian Quest

Ian Quest

Having known QR_ from the start, I moonlighted occasionally at board meetings whilst I worked as a Director at Newton and since 2014 have been working on strategy and direction with the board and helping build the advisory side of the business with Nick. In summer 2017, I officially joined QR_ and am really excited about the QR_3.0 direction and the huge industry challenge we’re addressing.

Photo of Nick Solly
Chief Operating Officer

Nick Solly

I enjoy taking an opportunity from conception through to a fully implemented business, system, data or process change. I am uncompromising in the quality of my team’s work with a focus always on the business value we are delivering.

Photo of Paul Crabtree
Associate Director

Paul Crabtree

I am passionate about delivering the best in everything that we do, this extends not only to the quality of our technical work on project but our interaction with colleagues and clients as well as the ethos and culture within the company. In terms of what I know, I have an unwavering belief that we can succeed in any project that is thrown our way, we have the people and the skills to adapt to any environment and understand any situation as fast and efficiently as anyone.

Photo of Ben Blomerley
Chief Financial Officer

Ben Blomerley

Coming from a Big Four accountancy firm, it's great to be able to apply everything I've learned in such an entrepreneurial environment. I enjoy helping put the structures in place to enable Quick Release to grow and make a measurable impact on the global automotive industry.

Photo of Jim Fullana
Non-Executive Director

Jim Fullana

From the start of my QR_ career I’ve enjoyed developing people, teams and business – bringing QR & PDM specialists to the US and APA gives me that same opportunity which I employed growing our UK firm. With great product data specialists underpinning all successful and efficient OEMs I'm certain that QR's global drive will go from strength to strength.

Photo of Paul Cotton
Non-Executive Director

Paul Cotton

After 25 years improving the state of the art in aero engines with Rolls-Royce, a chance meeting with an former colleague led me to the door of QR_. The QR_culture, the ambition and the focus on delighting their customers has really captured my imagination. I am delighted to be advising them on their journey into aerospace.