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Our Services

Unlocking Value

We release engineering and automotive professionals from the burden of product data management and the drain of underperforming programmes, freeing them to create, innovate and get products to market faster. It’s a winning formula for success; optimising data, systems and people. And because we’ve built a profession focusing exclusively on this, the product data quality is the best it can be.

Bill of Materials

BoM support is at the core of QR_ services. We are the global experts in rapid & accurate validation exercises. We offer BoM authoring & maintenance services and are capable of redesigning BoM management processes to increase the accuracy & speed of release and order.

Configuration Management

The product and part complexity of vehicles in the automotive industry is ever increasing and it’s QR_ that has the expertise to translate any product definition into efficient & robust data models, or to manage how this configuration is then applied from sales offerings in the showroom through the engineering design process all the way to the production line.

Engineering Change

Effective change control is paramount to timely product builds, whether that is an early prototype phase or a full product launch. All aspects should be considered in terms of lead times, design interfaces as well as the traditional costs and weights. We cut through the noise and eliminate any waste to ensure that the change process is not the bottle neck to quality builds.

Cost & Weight

Too frequently, cost and weight require effort and investment after the engineering is done to bring them into line with expectations. At QR_ we focus on giving a true and current view of both the absolute value and maturity of the data so it can be addressed at any time in the programme, the earlier, the better.

CAD & BoM Alignment

The network of inconsistently linked data sources present in most OEMs necessitates finding ways to align and report data side by side. We often provide lightweight toolsets to quickly enable reporting which is accurate, timely and validated.

PLM / ERP Integration

Regardless of the PLM or ERP system you are using, QR_ are the perfect integrator, facilitating between your business and IT teams to turn real world requirements into impactful solutions.

Issue Capture & Resource

The range and volume of issues captured in a typical programme are very high and the outcomes are heavily swung by how well we deal with them. Over the last 15 years, we have developed an approach to issue capture & resolution which drives both quick resolution but also carrying the lessons forward into future programmes.

Reporting & Work-to

The myriad of official and ‘home-grown’ reports which typically exist can lead to more time establishing the situation than actually addressing it. Our approaches of single source of truth, commonised priorities and ‘right view’ reporting enable these to be either switched off or aligned and the attention can turn to addressing issues rather than trying to unearth them.


Working to the beat of the programme drum provides challenges for all parties involved in a product development cycle. We are often responsible for timing when data / parts / builds are required, as well as when they will be available. We also work to look at future programmes to highlight potential loading problems associated with concurrent programme cycles or build & test phases.

Attributes Management

Global reach of programmes leads to drive in the increasing complexity of attributes. With technology changing customer behaviour and development of ‘car-share’ schemes and autonomous car automotive manufacturers will have to disturb their current attributes models. We see the real potential here for the future market leaders.

Sourcing & Orders

Too often this falls between the cracks as responsibilities pass between departments within an OEM. We provide the solution to this, ensuring ownership cradle to grave, from mapping parts to build all the way through to managing supplier delivery. Our ethos on this topic is two fold, 1. letting the data lead the discussions & 2. making sure suppliers feel comfortable giving us their latest data.

Cost & Weight Reduction

Additional cost & weight benefits will always be welcomed and in some cases can be the difference between making a profit or loss. Using our approach to reporting & analysis of cost and weight as the starting point, we run rigorous, data driven exercises to deliver quick and significant reductions.