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Plan for every part: QRonos is an agile, lightweight but heavy-hitting Business Timing Release Schedule (BTRS) service that de-risks delivery of complex engineering programmes.

An evolution of the Engineering Timing Release Schedule (ETRS) concept, QRonos provides granular insights into a part’s digital and physical journey from design to line; a vital requirement in industries facing ever greater time and cost pressure.

Built on 15 years of delivering actionable insights and custom-made solutions for diverse clients in automotive, aerospace, defence and medical device manufacturing, QRonos is the key to unlocking your programme’s competitive advantage.
Your Project's Single Point of Truth

Robust data model with integration of existing master data sources such as SAP, Enovia, TCe and Excel.

Gif of Qronos Trackers and Items Selections
Built Around Your Processes

Progressive maturity keeps your finger on the pulse at each step of the process. Delays can be identified and mitigated earlier than possible with traditional gateways or snapshots.

Gif of Qronos Stage Manipulation
Providing status in seconds

Unobtrusive implementation that works with, rather than in parallel to or instead of your existing systems and processes.

Gif of Qronos Glidepath Metrics
Identifying delays earlier

Right view reporting for each person in the business based on their role, harmonising priorities across business functions.

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