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PLM Essentials - 2. Attributes

Our PLM Essentials series explores how to create processes and systems that will help your organisation deliver the innovation it requires to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace. Part 2 takes a closer look at attributes, the key role they play in effective PLM, and how they can benefit your business.

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The digital last mile: your programme’s Achilles heel

The idea of digital thread has been around a long time and the tech sector has developed many solutions aimed at this idea, but many organisations are still struggling to realise their digital thread. Why is this the case? Ian Quest argues focus on digital-to-digital rather than the digital-to-human connections of the 'digital last mile' endangers many organisation's digital thread, and outlines six indicators to assess the status of your 'digital last mile'

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PI DX Spotlight: The Secret Sauce to Open Source

As solar-electric vehicle manufacturer Lightyear approaches series production, digital plumber Rob Ferrone will compere as Willem van den Corput reflects on Lightyear’s product development journey so far, and Bas van Goch on the enterprise architecture and data culture underpinning it. Focusing on the challenge of ensuring systems are both ‘right sized’ for now and scalable for the future, Sam Fletcher will explore how the integration of rapidly deployable and comparably inexpensive open-source tools to an off-the-shelf backbone can prove attractive. Both Lightyear’s QRonos BTRS integration and the creation and deployment of an MRP tool for a medical device consortium with be referenced.

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QR_ Women's Mentorship Scheme

We are very excited to announce the launch of the QR Women’s Mentorship Scheme and are keen to hear from others who are on a similar journey. As part of the effort to combat gender disparity in the engineering industry, the QRWMS team would love to share our knowledge and experience in developing gender equality initiatives in the product development world and hear your own stories too. If you are a company in the engineering industry and have recently launched a new ED&I initiative, what lessons did you learn? How have you guaranteed success? How has data shaped your approach?

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PLM Essentials - 1. Part Numbering

In our PLM Essentials series, we’ll be exploring how to create processes and systems that will help your organisation deliver the innovation it requires to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace. In part 1, we take a closer look at the importance of establishing a part numbering logic that meets the specific needs of your business and the key things to consider when you do.